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Best Warranties and Michigan Made

How’s your sofa holding up? What about your favorite recliner? I ask, because I know we’re all spending more time than usual in them right now. Maybe the broken-down cushion that didn’t seem like such a bother a month ago, has really been causing a literal pain in your back. Oh wait…that’s your mattress causing the pain in your back.

If there was ever a time to notice the quirks, imperfections or downright problems with your current furniture, now during Shelter in Home, would be it! It’s also a good time to research and understand what companies you’d like to do business with when you’re able to replace these items.

There are a few companies I particularly like to recommend because of their better-than-industry-average warranties.

Flexsteel, for example, goes so far as to provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the internal structures of their furniture. That includes springs, wood frames, metal base, reclining mechanisms even the seat cushion foam and feathers. Something that further sets Flexsteel apart in the realm of durability is their patented component called Blue Steel Spring that’s used in their upholstered pieces, like sofas and chairs. I also enjoy recommending Flexsteel because of their commitment to being made in the USA.

Serta Mattresses is another American made company with an outstanding limited warranty. But what I really like about Serta is their 120-Day In-Home trial period. Although, I’ve rarely had a customer that has used this option, it certainly is nice to know that it’s available, especially because the comfort of your mattress is so important.

If we’re on the subject of American made and good warranties, I can’t leave out LaZBoy. It’s not only made in the USA, they’re headquartered right here in Monroe, Michigan. Their warranties are executed by the dealer you purchased from, so that means you’ll deal directly with our family here at Schroeder Furniture on any issues. In fact, one of the things that I’m most proud of about my store is our own in-house Service Manager. We’re able to take care of most issues that my arise right here and never even have to involve the manufacturer.

As a final note, whenever you’re investigating warranties, remember any warranty is only as good as the company standing behind it. The ones I’ve mentioned above, including Flexsteel, Serta, LaZBoy and of course my own company, Schroeder Furniture, have decades and decades of experience. They’re reputable and a pleasure to do business with.

I hope we never experience another pandemic in our lifetime. If, however, something like this does happen again, at lease next time, you’ll know your furniture and mattress were built for the long-haul.

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